Sunday, May 8, 2011

Applied Arts

Rad! I have mertit!
Those Shipwreck images I did last summer were accepted into Applied Art Magazine's illustration awards annual.
Thanks again to Dan Pach and the wonderful folks over at PC.


Rin said...

oooh thats great! Congrats! :)

laura! said...

Thanks Corinne!
I heard you got into spectrum, dude! That's awesome.

Rin said...

Yup! It is really cool, I never would have expected it, but i guess you never know what they're going to pick!

by the way, I was reading a modern dog magazine the other day out of curiosity, and came across one of your illustrations! Basically the best part of the magazine haha. I was with my mother and she didn't quite understand why I was so excited =)